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Can’t wait to start reading PS4 reviews and those who are saying otherwise are either not gamers or are lying right out. Today a strong tussle is going on between Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony’s Play station to rule the gaming world, so far it’s safe to say that we don’t have a clear winner it is a pretty even race at the moment. Though both are trying their best to capture the market totally but considering the amount of money both the powerhouses are spending, it’s not possible to have a winner in the near future. PS3 has mesmerized the gaming community and enthralled them with what it has to offer. Every gamer wants to own one and that is saying something. So for the time being not many people are looking for PS4 reviews but all that is going to change very soon.

PS3 has not even begun to show its true potential. It’s just getting ready and already there are rumors of a PlayStation 4. According to Sony the video games currently available in the market are no way near testing the true power of this machine. This means we are not close to getting an idea of the capability of this console when pushed to its limit. If we don’t know what PS3 is truly capable of just thinking of what PS4 might have to offer will cause goose bumps. For now there has been no fixed PS4 release date announced as of yet but according to sources from PS4Info PS4 could be released by the end of 2012.

It’s good news for gamers all around the world, not because of a much powerful console, while the ones they have haven’t been fully tested but because of the idea as to the type of games such a powerful console might bring with it. If the games that can run on PS4 can also run as smoothly on PS3 the need for PS4 might not be understandable. PS4’s release will only make sense if it brings to the table some high tech games that will work well only on the new machine. This is what the fans are holding out to and this is what the whole gaming world is looking forward to. Sony has already confirmed that games for PS4 are in development this means that the hardware of the machine is going to be beyond our wild imaginations. Well not beyond but it is going to be mind blowing for sure. President of SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment of America) says that they will not rush into PlayStation 4’s release the aim is to bring the best console to the market. PlayStation 4 is an 8th Generation gaming console which will rival Microsoft’s Xbox 720 and Nintendo’s Wii U. The competition is ferocious which is good for us gamers because greater the competition better will be the quality of end product provided to us. Let these giants battle it out but for us it means top quality games with top notch gaming experience.

PlayStation 4 release is not highly anticipated at the moment but that is changing fast. There are a lot of PS4 reviews on the internet but all those reviews are based on speculations none have any concrete information. So for the time being we’ll have to read the PS4 reviews based on speculation and wishful thinking.

The reason why PS4’s release is not highly anticipated is because at the moment PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii are giving the gamers everything they could want. For now the gamers are completely satisfied but everyone wants more that is natural and that is what holds for the gamers as well. Once they’ve played a video game, they want to play another one better than the one they played before. When people read PS4 reviews and see what it has to offer they can’t help themselves but wonder when it is going to hit the stores and when they can get their hands on the mean machine.

Reading PS4 reviews you’ll find many rumors about the hardware of the console and as rumors come and go it is being rumored that the architecture will be IBM’s POWER7 or that the PS4 will boast an AMD’s processor what we’ll get when PS4 is actually released is hard to fathom for not our speculations are purely based on the PS4 reviews currently available. According to IGN the PS4 will have AMD’s ATI HD 7670 graphics card though we don’t believe there is much truth to that because it’s not even the best graphics card AMD has to offer itself let alone compared to Nvidia and Intel, so let’s hope this one is just a rumor. By reading a PS4 review on the internet that is probably all the info you can find regarding the hardware of the PS4. But as the president of SCEA said the aim is to bring the best machine to the market not the first, if that holds true it is highly unlikely that we’ll see PS4 boasting an ATI HD 7670 graphics card.

Yet again according to rumors and the ps4 reviews Sony doesn’t plan to forget about PS3, they’ll support it for a certain period of time after the release of PS4, so that people who’ve bought the PS3 can get the maximum value for their money, because it will not be fair to them if they don’t and if they don’t the overall popularity of the PlayStation franchise will go down which is not what Sony wants or any other developer for that matter.

It’s rumored that the PlayStation 4 will be named “Orbis” which we’ll find out only when the PS4 is release so we can’t do anything but wait. All in all looking forward to PS4 is an exciting experience the hype being created is immense expectations are very high, all pressure on Sony let’s see what they provide at the end but the wait is getting exciting day by day. Don’t forget Microsoft and Nintendo are in the race as well so hopefully we’ll be seeing some serious machines in the next year if not in 2012. Until then keep on reading PS4 reviews because curiosity and the wait is also a major part of all the anticipation and excitement.

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